40 University Drive

We are proud to be Amherst’s new go-to neighborhood bistro. Eat, drink, and socialize in Savannas casual and comfortable open kitchen atmosphere. Featuring brick oven pizzas, New American cuisine, beer, wine and craft cocktails.

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from quality ingredients.” ~ Julia Child

Savannas Bar and Bistro.
About Our Name! Those who have lived in Amherst for any length of time know we are embraced by the beauty of the Holyoke Range! The mountain range is a popular hiking destination known for its east-west orientation, historic sites the Summit House and the Horse Caves, and it’s amazingly beautiful vistas. Along with its beauty the mountain range is notable for “unique microclimate ecosystems” and rare plant communities unusual in New England. The dry hot upper ridges of the mountain range support oak savannas, often dominated by the chestnut oak. So we chose the name Savannas to begin our story. The Holyoke Range is also represented in our logo! Look carefully and you will see it!