Steve Gingold Nature Photography
Local Landscapes

Nature has always been a part of my life, starting during my childhood in the Adirondacks and continuing into adulthood. I have been photographing nature subjects here in the valley for the last 50 years. There is plenty to see and enjoy close to home and the majority of my images are made in Western Massachusetts.

With the exception of sunrises, there are usually no preconceived notions when I leave home to look for subjects. Landscapes such as this exhibit along wit water, wildflowers, insects, small wildlife, mushrooms…anything can get my attention.

I hope you enjoy the selection of local landscapes I am displaying here at Savannas. Anything here on my website, blog, Facebook, or FineArtAmerica page is available in most any size.
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FineArtAmerica-Stephen Gingold

Enjoy more of Steve’s work on the walls of Savannas now.